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Children's Board of Hillsborough County Announces 2014 TA Grants

Children's Board of Hillsborough County Announces 2014 TA Grants and Information Session

Identifying New Supporters: A Helpful Tool

Almost every nonprofit can use more supporters to help it fulfill its mission. “We need to get the word out so more people will help us,” mentions a new board member. At staff gatherings, your special event planner pipes up, “If only we had more corporate support.” The good news is that you can grow your supporters. The first step is planning how you will do it. Using a chart like the one below will help.

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Merrill Stewart 

Fundraising,Marketing & Communications

Find Qualified Consultants For Your Nonprofit

Nonprofit Consultants Connection of Tampa Bay (NCC) is a membership organization that promotes excellence in the field of nonprofit consulting. We serve as a resource for organizations looking for qualified, ethical nonprofit consultants to help with a wide range of needs. Member consultants have agreed to follow NCC's code of ethics and have expressed a commitment to ongoing training to help them maintain the highest professional standards. Search our online database of nonprofit consultants to find a committed, professional nonprofit consultant who can meet your organization's unique needs.

Florida Nonprofit Consultants

The group represents consultants in and around the Central Florida /  Tampa Bay Florida area including Tampa, Clearwater, St. Petersburg, Sarasota and beyond.

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